Employment Policy
Our HR Policy is simply to recognize that our people are our primary source of success in competition.
In our endeavors, we strive to pursue quality management practices that are designed to enrich the quality of life for its employees, develop them to their fullest potential and maximize their productivity levels in all aspects of the work involved
Our levels of understanding for the needs of our employees aim to ensure fairness and equality as well as complete and utter transparency in all our dealings with our employees
Serikandi strives to continuously foster a climate of openness, mutual trust and teamwork in order to ensure that the end product, which is the delivery of services to our customers, is not compromised
Further disclosure on this part of our policy is strictly confidential as it may impede our efforts to become the number one food and beverage service provider in the country

Serikandi Employment Policy
Serikandi is fully committed to provide an efficient and reliable service to all its clients. The company’s basic approach in order to deliver service of high quality and standard involves the recruitment of highly trained and qualified personnel. Once employed, the company expects them to remain with Serikandi for the rest of their career life. The following are major points in Serikandi’s Employment policy
Priority is given to the employment of suitable Bruneian Citizens who possess the right qualification and experience. Regional staff will only be recruited as contract basis, and provisions are made for the positions to be replaced once a suitable candidate is obtained.
Serikandi provides its employees with opportunities to progress. Training and courses are given to staff to encourage and motivate them to develop to more responsible position. TAP Bonus, profit-sharing scheme are some of the incentives offered to develop employee’s sense of belonging
Serikandi is a service – obtained business and expects its employees to possess a high degree of discipline, courtesy and show genuine interest to the Company’s customers
The most important obligation of Serikandi is the maintenance of safe operation coupled with the appreciation of the need to protect the health of the customers by providing good nutrition in conditions of absolute sanitation. Serikandi expects all employees to abide by rules and regulations governing the above HSE principles.

Localization Perspective
To induce, maintain and promoting Bruneisation in the Corporate Group for an overall minimum of 25%, thus, providing job opportunity, job allocation and on the job training.