HSE Policy
Serikandi’s commitment towards the hygienic environment and safety of its personnel, contractors and end users of the products and services is reflected in the HSE policies that are followed by the company. The company gives more importance to maintain the environment clean and hygienic and gives maximum safety to its employees and personnel. Its products and services are of high quality and standard by ensuring that it is environment friendly, and makes no harm to its users. Also, a Halal working environment is ensured, by restricting the use of drugs and liquors at Serikandi.

The objectives of this policy are as follows
To establish safe working practices throughout its operations
To provide a safe and healthy workplace and avoid damage to the environment
To provide training for all employees to ensure competent standard at work and enable them to work safely
To provide properly engineered facilities, plant and equipment in order to ensure that the environment is harmed in no way
To prevent all injuries at the workplaces
Educate all personnel to adopt an attitude of awareness in all matters regarding their own and others personnel safety and the safety of environment
To develop a high degree of safety and environmental awareness
To provide competent advice to line management on health, safety and environmental matters and means to monitor performance
To maintain an effective safety management system with joint consultation on health and safety between Serikandi and it’s clientele

The objectives of this policy are as follows
To comply and to administrate any HSE Standards that are relevant to the day to day operations, with greater emphasis on the NEW HSE Standard Module 26 (Food Safety).
Cascading down the information through daily tool box talk to all relevant staffs and make clear of the understanding.
Seek advice from relevant parties concerned HML/4, Safety Department and Contract Holder whenever necessary on the full compliance of any HSE Standard.

To comply, adhere and educate whatever is required of the permit to work rules. The General Supervisor must at least understand the permit to work and competent rules relate to job.
Medical Check up requirement prior to employment is essential to All Staffs (Including Locals)

Create awareness amongst staffs on the importance of reporting all kind of incidents/ accidents. Make them understand the value and importance of reporting of incidents / accidents through briefing sessions which will be carried out Bi-Monthly.

All safety memos and safety news flash letter must be highlighted during the Daily Tool Box briefing.
Arrange for the General Supervisor and senior catering staff that are involved in incident / accident investigation for appropriate course of action or briefing on the subject by relevant parties.

Continue to dispose kitchen waste properly and promptly at the collection area and avoiding food splillage
Ensure that all chemical / detergent in use are non-harmful and environmental friendly type.
Cooking Oil Waste to be placed in appropriate designated containers at refuse backyard
Initiate and cascade Waste segregation into designated bins for cans & food waste

To improve PPE compliance, Any issue arisen, to be clearly address to the General Supervisor, so that corrective course of action can be taken. Any staff the intentionally break the PPE requirements will be bound for disciplinary action against them.
A Health Risk Fundamental Assessment shall be taken up at periodic intervals, as to check and update with employees Health Hazard at the work place.

Any staff found consuming on or off duty, nor involved in the related activities of the latter, shall be bound for 24hrs termination (Without prejudice, with proper evidence).
To work in accordance with the safety and hygiene practice this is in accordance to the Industry Safety Standard Best Practices.
Disciplinary action shall be taken to anyone found violating the practice and not adhering / cooperating.
Monthly Meeting on Relevancy of Hygiene amongst Staffs are to be discussed and attend to.
On a routine basis, the Manager must do at least 26 PAKAT visit each month – Two Pakats, Per Person, Per Month
To ensure Serikandi are continuously represented in the HSE Group Meetings and the Contract Holder Contractor Management Meetings
All meetings information shall be cascaded down to all staffs during the Daily Tool Box Talk
All tools are regularly checked, if found damage and not fit to use will be immediately replaced.
An improvement on the tools standard will be looked into from time to time, in order to achieve high safety standard and to have minimum constraint on getting the job done. Good tools normally do good jobs.
Substandard work practice is strictly unwanted in the daily operations. Strict disciplinary action shall be taken, anyone found.
To participate regularly and contribute to the routine health inspections carried out by HML/4, Safety dept. and Contract Holder.
To report of any failure/ equipment malfunction in the Maintenance Work Order, submit and liaise with Senior Admin on progress.
To action all items necessary and rectified.
Serikandi Site Management visits ‘Walk the Talk’ still in place from time to time.

To comply and adhere whatever is required of the transport permit in accordance to the Road Safety Laws Regulations of Brunei Darussalam.
To comply with the Safety Rules and Regulations governed by the Shell Transport Department Regulatory Body (STL)
To maintain and inspect at periodic intervals of the car’s status and the need to report for maintenance.
Driver to attend relevant Driving Courses as to ensure that the relevant driver is certifiably fit

To comply and adhere whatever is required of the MHMS for Contractors Standard in Module HML-S302.
A Compliance to the Audit for the 5 Elements Minimum Standard shall be targeted
Driver to attend relevant Driving Courses as to ensure that the relevant driver is certifiably fit

In line with the Aspirations of the towards a greater Safety Awareness and aspiration of Goal Zero 2010, Serikandi has governed its safety rule around;

Zero lost time incidents
Zero vehicle accidents
Zero fires
zero first aid case
zero near miss incidents
minimising waste
maximising management walks

Serikandi drugs, alcohol & dangerous goods policy

“Any staff found consuming on or off duty, nor involved in the related activities of the latter, shall be bound for 24hrs termination – Without Any Compensation (Without prejudice, with proper evidence).“

“Kepada mana Pekerja pekerja yang didapati mengambil/ memakan/ mengedar / membawa Minuman Keras / Dadah, sama ada didalam atau diluar waktu bekerja dengan secara lansung atau tidak. Tindakan keras akan diambil yang boleh mengakibatkan pembuangan kerja dalam masa 24 Jam tanpa sebarang pampasan (Tanpa syak wasangka dengan bukti kukuh).“

The Drugs & Alcohol Policy shall covers the following
Being at work whilst impaired by Drugs or Alcohol or other prohibited substances is Strictly Prohibited
Any illicit activities which involves the possession, distribution, consumption, under these substances, whilst working at site / involve in accidents or incidents is strictly prohibited , if once found tested positive, can lead to full termination
Upon pre-employment, if found positive under these influence, during the Medical Check-Up Tests, shall NOT be eligible for Employment
All staffs employed in Serikandi shall be eligible for Random Tests of Drugs or Alcohol or under suspicion, at any time for the Testing done, by our Asset Holders
Being at work whilst impaired by Drugs or Alcohol or other prohibited substances is Strictly Prohibited

Steps Taken of Random Testing for under the Influence Drugs or Alcohol:

1. Suspected staff shall be taken to the Hospital to be diagnosed.
2. Blood and Urine samples shall be taken, in this event.
3. A Breathalyzer shall be utilized for the Alcohol Abuse Test.
4. Once any of the later, if found positive, shall be eligible for Disciplinary action, which shall lead to Immediate Termination      from Work Place and consequently reported to the proper authorities for Immediate Action to be taken.

The Drugs & Alcohol Policy shall covers the following
PROHIBITED ITEMS (Benda benda yang DiLarang DiBawa Ketempat Kerja)

1. Matches & Cigarette Lighters - Mancis & Penyala Rokok
2. Alcohol Minuman Keras
3. Non-Prescription Drugs & Accessories – Ubat ubatan yang tiada arahan penggunaannya dan aksessori
4. Fishing Equipment (or Fish)- Alat alat memancing ikan
5. Flammable Substances (Paint, Thinners, Solvents, Lighter, etc) – Bahan bahan mudah terbakar (cat, thinner, minyak      penyala rokok)
6. Non-Intrinsically safe electrical equipment including mobile phones, pagers and (battery operated) cameras – Talipon      bimbit, pager dan kamera yang menggunakan bateri
7. Corrosive substances (acids & alkalis) – Bahan bahan menghakis
8. Weapons & Explosives – Senjata / api dan bahan bahan letupan
9. Pornographic Materials – Bahan bahan Lucah

Serikandi halal food objectives and policy
As a Local and caring Bruneian Company and adhering to it’s Islamic obligation, the Halal Brunei, since it’s first inception, in order to maintain it’s Halalness integrity and upholding the Brunei Darussalam’s Islamic Religious Council virtues on Halal Brunei.
Thus, to be the most reliable and trustworthy Halal Organisation

Serikandi Halal Food Policy
To adhere to the Brunei Religious Council on Halal Brunei Legislation
To conduct regular internal audit / spot checks;
To encourage and promote Islamic supplies as a “way of product”
Halal is the “Way Forward”
Ultimately committed to ensuring the peace of mind of our Muslim consumers.

In continuation to be part of a better drive towards with holding Safety for everyone, Serikandi Management has endorsed an application for consequence management policy to be applied to all Rule/Policy Breakers.

Your kind understanding is essential in this part of the drive, where this is NOT to penalize nor to do prejudice to any staffs for their wrong doings, but this is part of a Drive towards achieving Goal Zero in our Hearts and Minds; No Harm to people.

This is also to safely remind everyone from time to time in our daily work life, how safety is important to everyone and how safety shall be applied and thus what are the consequences shall be applied if anyone of us whom Do Not follow Safety and being a Rule Breaker.