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Modern Platform For New Oil Field Posted On : 2010-09-25 00:17:38

       Brunei Shell Petroleum (BSP) has reached another milestone in the Sultanate’s oil and gas industry following the installation of an ultra modern, entirely remotely controlled platform for Bugan Field, which is expected to come on stream in the coming months.

The new gigantic structure, which will be transferred to Bugan Field, is all set to significantly boost oil and gas production. Work is now in full swing to transfer and install the platform, which is fitted with an imposing superstructure of a 40-metre-high jacket and 1400-tonne heavy topsides, in waters of up to 33 metres deep, some 20 kilometres offshore at the Bugan Field. Part of a cluster of major project investments currently being undertaken by BSP, production from the new platform will enhance oil and gas output at Bugan, which is a relatively new field discovered in 1993 and started production only five years ago.

The Bugan project is just one example of the ongoing drive to enhance cost-competitiveness and inject greater efficiencies across the business.

“We resolved to maximise the use of Bruneian contractors for all the work, right through the supply chain, whether it was design, fabrication, equipment supply or installation stage. The platform was fully assembled here at our marine construction yard in Kuala Belait. In this way, we created business opportunities for our Bruneian contractors and, at the same time, reduced the construction time. It is a truly made-in-Brunei engineering marvel in every sense of the word,” beamed Dr Grahaeme Henderson, Managing Director of BSP.

Dr Henderson added, “BSP initiated a business improvement programme about three years ago and well before the global economic slowdown began. This has proven to be an important strategic decision, allowing us to be in a strong position to respond to lower oil prices.”

The kind of progress at Bugan is being duplicated elsewhere in the company through various employee-led business improvement initiatives. “We will leverage on our strong business performance and leadership in technology, to reduce costs and deliver shareholder value,” said Dr Henderson.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin


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