Offshore & Onshore Catering services
Providing quality meals for the employees in any business is an essential to keep them happy and motivated. Dining brings group of people together, exchanging ideas and thoughts in a relaxed seating. As an employer, providing high quality food and beverages demonstrates your commitment to the well being of your staff.

Providing catering services is not only our core competence but in Serikandi, we possess in depth knowledge and expertise in services ranging from royal luncheons, executive dinners and lunches, cocktail receptions, catering services for Universities, schools, club catering services, industrial catering Services like LNG Plant and Refinery, offshore catering and hotel services on Production platforms, rigs, work boats, vessels, camp and remote catering like Onshore rig sites, Construction sites and military camps.

Our approach of providing catering services and manpower supply to rigs, work boats and vessels has given a unique experience for our international clients which helps them to concentrate on their expertise.

Our alliance companies over world wide help our international client to operate all over the world with out compromising the quality and standard..

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