Serikandi Cafe & Restaurants

Serikandi café & Restaurant is one of the leading caterers in Brunei with its heartfelt dedication towards excellence. Down the years it has been proved that Serikandi will always top the list as both the private and public.

Our Mission
Our mission is to excel and enhance our leadership position in the food and beverage sector in Brunei by hygienically producing, marketing and serving quality, healthy food and food products. This we aim to achieve while offering both cost effective and value added services in the hospitality industry.

Our core values include
To provide our customers with an unforgettable dining experience by presenting to them our quality, healthy innovative products and services

Our Vision
" People’s Caterer "

By 2020 we aim to be recognized as “The People’s Caterer” in Brunei by developing the quality of our people, which we consider to be a team of highly dedicated professionals who value our customers, we aim to deliver on the company’s promises and contribute to the sustainable development of the employees, citizen and the nation.

Our Objectives
We estimate that the market, given the right product and right quality of services, may grow rapidly in the next five years. Our goal is to create a reputation in quality, consistency and security (safety of food) that will enable us to lead with a new style in catering and dining.

In next five years we aim to achieve
  • HACCP accreditation
  • To set up a Catering Training Centre

Ya Nur Restaurant:
Ya Nur Restaurant, in the Capital Bandar Seri Begawan provide Out Side Catering Services for Weddings, Parties, and Meetings etc. Yanur specialized in industrial & institutional catering. We operated VIP functions, Military cook house, Government caterings etc

Product & Related Services:
Serikandi offers an assortment of food and beverages that comes with a distinctive image of perfection.

Over the years Serikandi has developed its own recipes with the goal of creating the company and its associated foods into a household brand name.

This direction leads the company onto its primary focus of developing homemade recipes that can portray the uniqueness of its bumiputera heritage and hence capture the hearts and minds of the public.

We provide
Industrial Catering on LNG Plants, Hospital, Military and Educational Establishments
Catering Services in Clubs and Restaurants.
Chain of cafés and restaurants.
Onsite catering, parties, weddings, functions, etc.

The Serikandi Menu, which is moderately sized and moderately priced, offers a variety of ethnic malay items that comes with a hint of international quality.

More focus is being concentrated on our main ambition which is highlighted in our motto ‘Caters for Every Taste’.

Serikandi Café & Restaurant, KB
This Restaurant was started in 1997, which is now one of the top restaurants in KB. With 18 employees serving in this restaurant, various delicacies including Chinese, Malay and Western Cuisines are served here. These delicacies are offered with a common and universal theme which is carried throughout all our restaurants – Quality, Healthy, Flavorful and Familiar.
Serikandi D'Government Rest House , Kuala Belait
From the year 1988, we’ve been operating the Restaurant in KB serving Biryani- a Northern Indian Cuisine.

Panaga Club Catering Services
Serikandi started providing high profile catering services to the prestigious members of the Club in 2002. Here we operate top class café, restaurant, serving the delicacies from around the world.

Serikandi Café & Resturant Qlap
Serikandi Café & Resturant Qlap . Started in 2008 in Capital city Bandar seri Bhaghawan designed as a fine restaurant for an unforgettable dining experience. Its serves continental as well as traditional cusines.

Rampaisari, Brunei shell Recreation Club
Started in April 1987, this is the oldest venture of Serikandi. Rampaisari is an up market restaurant at the prestigious Brunei Shell recreation club in Seria. Here we provide a good selection of local and western delicacies.

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