Well Head Supply Installation & Integrity Maintenance

Well Head Supply Installation

We offer following services
Field Installation
Scheduled Maintenance
Emergency Maintenance
Replacement Parts
Rental Tools

Our service technicians are fully trained and experienced in wellhead products and services, both installation of well head equipment of all major brands. Above all, our technicians are trained and knowledgeable in industry practices for safe product handling and equipped to install your equipment safely-whatever the OEM brand.

Well head

Integrity Maintenance
We provide complete solutions for online valve lubrication (greasing), sealing Services and specialty valve grease, sealants and flushers, we are not merely a service company but a specialist in the technology of preventive maintenance for ball, gate and plug valves

We provide
Flushing or cleaning of the valve
Valve lubrication
Valve sealing

ESS VK1 Valve King Flush – a liquid penetrate that effectively cleans and removes rust and hydrocarbon deposits.
ESS 600 Lubricant – lubricated valves by providing a lasting lubricating film to prevent metal-to-metal contact in moving parts as well as corrosion protection
ESS VMHV Valve Master Sealant – seals leaks, provides extremely low friction coefficient, contains rust and corrosion inhibitors
ESS VRS Valve Repair Sealant – Recommended for use on damaged valves. Formulated using synthetic resins, graphite and liquillon
ESS 751 – Valve Master High Pressure Pump - Air operated, Maximum delivery pressure of 15,000 psi for delivery of lubricants and sealants into valve seats
ESS FM-II – High Pressure Valve Flush Pump- Air operated, Maximum delivery pressure of 15,000 psi for delivery of flush into valve seats

Offshore platforms
Process lines (ball, gate, plug valves)– upper deck, lower deck, mezzanine deck, pig launcher and receiver (ball) Wellhead xmas trees – usually plug valves Size ranges – 3” and above
Crude Oil Terminals
Process lines (ball, gate, plug), pig launcher and receiver (ball)
Gas Processing Plants
Process lines (ball, gate, plug) and blow down valves (18”-24”)
Gas metering stations Plug and ball valves (6” 18”)
Launcher and receiver (ball valves between 24”-32”)

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